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This gallery contains almost all of the paintings I have done since 2007ish. Not all of them are shown because sometimes I didn't get a picture, sometimes the pictures turned out poorly, and there were some data loss issues at one point. But, for the most part, they are all there. This doesn't include any of my ferrofluid work, which is shown in the gallery at the bottom of the page.

All of these works are hand painted by me. There are no stencils used or spray paint. Once in a while, I will spray the background color on and sometimes I use airbrush for certain aspects but all of the portraits are done by hand. The process can be seen HERE

past commissions:






ferrofluid Gallery

This gallery contains a selection of my photos of a ferrofluid set up I was working on. Ferrofluid is basically an oil with iron particles suspended in it. They are so fine though that when a magnet is applied near to the fluid the particles actually align with the magnetic fields provided by the magnet. This is what causes the spikes to form. Differing the distance from the fluid to the magnet and the strength of the magnet as well as changing up anything that you add to the fluid (like paint or glow stick liquid) will change the patterns in the fluid and produce all kinds of interesting looks and colors. The following photos are all done with a very sturdy set up, usually in low light with shutter speeds in the neighborhood of 30 seconds per image:

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